Getting there...

January 18, 2016 Claudia du Plessis

Already 18days into the new year....and up to now I was able to remember which year I'm in when filling out documentation. It's the small achievements that count.

Reuben is here, so nice to have the young man home and hearing his friendly chatter. School has started as well, a new year, new school and adapting to having English as a first language...but he's made two friends already.

The dogs have started dog school. It's been insightful...and an exercise in patience. apparently it all lies with the owner, but I beg to differ, these two urban terrorists of mine have their own agenda. Still early days...

Been working on some tiny toys this week and I'm pondering something for not really keen on red hearts and teddy bears, so it will have to be something romantic yet dark....

The weather is still absolutely beautiful...the sun setting at 20h00 still amazes me as well as completely messes with my inherent feeling of what time it should be.

Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead!


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